Maybe something healthier…

When you think of baking does your mind think of delicious cakes and gooey choc chip cookies well i think of that too. When i bake every week i don't want to just make just sugary (still nice though) bakes, maybe something healthier like i was thinking of doing baked, healthy meals so my baking … Continue reading Maybe something healthier…

Jammie Dodgers

Happy valentines everyone. For this week I wanted to make some jamie dodgers as they are the biscuits of love. The jammie dodgers holes are shaped like: Batman, a heart (kindof) and an L as it was also my best friends birthday. He really liked it. The biscuits i made were very thick but still … Continue reading Jammie Dodgers

Bakewell tarts

I haven't made pastry since 2016 so i decided to make some bakewell tarts. They were made with half and half flour as i only had 100g of plain flour so why not use 100g of whole wheat too? They tasted good and looked rustic and instead of icing i used just icing sugar so … Continue reading Bakewell tarts

Gooey, Cheesy, Pizza, Pasta.

This is my own recipe that i've created because I love pasta and I wanted to mix it with pizza. I did a-lot of research on cheese and from my own preferences and picked out the best cheeses for this dish. However I have not yet made this but I will soon... Cheeses: Mozzarella: This … Continue reading Gooey, Cheesy, Pizza, Pasta.

My Mum’s B-day Cake

For my mums b-day i made her an unicorn colored, orange cake and im just gonna say do you know how people don't like cake as its "too sickly" well this is the solution as omg it has sugar in but it is not sickly at all! Plus, my mum loves it.

My little bro’s birthday cake:

Cat cake for my little bros (9) birthday: . If this looks familiar, the cat it bongo cat (meme cat) but i added colourful ears and arms. My little bro said it was "very well designed and yummy".


Made 4 pizzas this week. (very fun.) Wednesday: My 1st pizza was a homemade, cheese-string stuffed crust, healthy, whole wheat, pizza (that was a mouthful) and it was goood. However, the cheese strings weren't very gooey like the internet said they would but i should've known as 'don't believe everything you see on the internet'. … Continue reading Pizza

Rich Iced Biscuits

 Ooo i love these and they're the 1st biscuits that i can actualy shape so of course i made ninjas with my dads cookie cutters and then i also made a cat for my bro and a shark dog usong a knife. These probably work better than the others due to the recipie as usually … Continue reading Rich Iced Biscuits

Easter Cupcakes

Oooh, these were something. I made some rich chocolate cupcakes with the leftover icing on top from the Victoria cake I made a couple of weeks ago. The icing was in the fridge chillin out hopefully hardening but nope I put it in a piping bag and started piping but then I realised there was … Continue reading Easter Cupcakes

Victoria Cake (Ish)

Right this cake was good, and at least it was better than the 1st one I did a couple of weeks ago. That one well...I couldn't take a photo of as it fell to pieces so I put it in a bowl with some custard which was nice. (Good job it tasted good!) I think … Continue reading Victoria Cake (Ish)

White Bread Cobs

  Once again I made more bread. This time, however, it was from a packet 🛍(Tesco, crusty, white ⚪, bread, mix.) I prefer making it from scratch but, it was there and I was bored 😴so why not. I also decided to play football ⚽ with my little brother 🙋‍♂️whilst I was waiting ⏰ for … Continue reading White Bread Cobs

White bread loaf

2:16 pm- waiting for the bread to prove. I am very tired from all that kneading (5 MINS OF IT!) and it’s my 1st time. I feel like I’m on fire (probably shouldn’t wear a jumper) and the world’s strongest kneader! later on… took me 3 hours (ish) to make it and it honestly was … Continue reading White bread loaf

Brownie cookies

I’ve made 👩‍🍳 brownies, brownie cupcakes 🎂 but I decided to turn it into a cookie 🍪 . They taste 😋 like brownies (obviously) but I kinda added a lot of salt to it (and I mean A LOT). I thought it would taste nice 👍 as I like salt but it tasted a bit … Continue reading Brownie cookies

Red velvet cookies

These red ❤️ velvet cookies 🍪 are from and they taste amazing. It's a bit disappointing as the chocolate🍫 chips 🍟 I added, overpowered the bake 👩‍🍳 and you couldn't really taste 😋 the red velvet. #redvelvet #tasty #food #yummy #foodporn#foody #yumyum #mmm #delicious#cookies #velvet #red #omg

Pizza pockets

These pizza pockets are from and they are the perfect meal idea for kids. The cheese oozes out the sides and makes an extra crunch to the bake. They taste amazing and I would eat them all day if I could. But, I can’t because I’ll explode! #yummy #food #pizza #pizzapockets #lovepizza #love #pizzalover … Continue reading Pizza pockets

New york bagels

I love bagels for dinner as the butter and raisins melt in the mouth, whilst the crispy bagel adds an extra, delicious, crunch. My favourite bagel is cinnamon and raisin because it's nice and sweet. This reminds me when I went to my 1st running race (global energy race) and we got 2 free packs … Continue reading New york bagels

Vanilla cupcakes

These cupcakes were deliciously light, and fluffy. The recipe is from a classic, be-ro book which is a very good book if you want all the good stuff! This cupcake was also the 1st one that I’ve ever iced and to be honest it was hard but so worth it as I think I did … Continue reading Vanilla cupcakes