Oh…Hi, I’m Megan and this is my blog you’ve just stumbled across. This blog is all about Food and photography as that’s what I love the most. My blog includes recipes, foods I’ve made and eaten and a load of photos that I’ve taken on my canon camera ‘iris’ such as animals, trees, people, food…all sorts!

My love for food started when I was young as you have to eat food anyways so why not choose and enjoy what you eat? At secondary school, I took food lessons which were fun apart from me making a blue plaster shortage in the world because I’m slightly clumsy. I enjoy making food as I find it relaxing and when I make it I know what goes into it, unlike store-bought meals.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you have any queries or recommendations please feel free to ask me as I’m all ears.

Have a wonderful day

Megan x

P.S. – Most of the foods that i’ve made are not my recipes so I shall link you to the actual recipe page their from. But, the recipe section on my page will be filled with all my recipes that i’ve come up with.




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